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Fasten Your Seatbelts asks the questions...

How do innovative organizations balance their triple bottom Line of People, Profit, and Planet? Who are the thinkers of today and tomorrow? Who are the doers paving the way for a better society? How can we as individuals make our mark?

Join Steven & Crystal as they delve into people’s lives, choices, aspirations, and the drive to make a difference.

Our Co-Pilots


Crystal Wilson is Chief Buzz Builder at Flow Office Wisdom. An entrepreneur, writer, wife + mama x 2, she keeps herself busy. And if there isn't quite enough chaos rolling around, she'll surely stir some up.


Steven Hobé is Strategist & CEO of Hobé Hosokawa Marketing, Changing Minds To Ensure A Sustainable Future. He is also a voiceover artist, and sometime composer. He and his partner own three black cats who periodically enjoy dabbling in the dark arts.


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