2020 has been difficult, there’s no question about it, but we’re here to celebrate the good that came of it - because there was also plenty of that. 👍 

Steven and Crystal were thrilled to meet up with a few of their favourite people from the social innovation space!  Rachel Berdan, Greg Hemmings, and Katie Allen are lovely folks to spread some holiday cheer 🎄 🤶🏽  with and reorient around the good that came from 2020 and look longingly ahead for all of the great changes to come next year. 🎉 🥳

If you’re looking to hear some good old fashioned good news, and real conversation, belly up to the bar!  🍷 🍺 🥃  Everyone is welcome here. 🥂

Disclaimer: This episode’s bar setting is fictional. The show was recorded over Zoom in order to be compliant with current pandemic protocols.

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