Ep1: And Away We Go


We're taking off!  In this, their inaugural episode, Steven and Crystal are joined by two of their favourites in the social innovation sphere - both are storytellers by nature who are using stories and relationships to build connections within the Canadian social innovation community.  

Greg Hemmings (Hemmings House Productions) joins in from the East Coast of Canada, to share the needs and developments coming out of that region.  

Rachel Berdan (Pillar Nonprofit Network) brings her varied experience in the for-profit and not for profit sectors, as well as insights from her personal journey to the studio.  She and the co-pilots talk creativity, the "ick-factor" of being a business owner, leading as an introvert, and so much more.  Tune in to hear such gems as "If the planet isn't here it doesn't really matter how good your business is." 

Many thanks to our guests and to Hobé Hosokawa Marketing and Flow Office Wisdom for lending Steven and Crystal to the Fasten Your Seatbelts podcast. 


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